The Guelph Amateur Radio Club is an organization of amateur radio operators, providing Communication and Service to the surrounding area of Guelph, Ontario.

Monthly Meeting Location: 400 Speedvale Ave West                                                                         Corner of Speedvale and Marksam                                                         OPSEU Union Hall                                                                         Time:  7:00 PM

Special Events & Meetings

Contact information:  Terry Maurice, Club Secretary: ve3xtm@rac.ca

  • Remember Club Membership: Cash or Cheque Payable to GRAC.
  • Single memebership as RAC member: $45       
  • Non RAC members: $55
  • Family membership: $50.

  • September - 11: BBQ
  • September - 18: Club Meeting:                                                                              Movie night.                                                                                          Membership dues are owing
  • September - 30: Hoofbeat Challenge at the Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre. Check Here for further details: https://sunrise-therapeutic.ca/
  • October 16: General Meeting: AGM
  • November 20: Guest speaker Hugh McCully follow up talk on the Vimy Special Event Station that was part of the 100th anniversary of that WW1 battle.
Interesting Links: 1. Webinar on programming CHIRP
                             2. Looking to connect with a band/person/frequency
                             3. VHF/UHF DX Book - available for download: 
                             4. Crystal Sets to SideBand - book available here:
                             5.  Amateur Radio Emergency Service Manual here:
                                       6.  The Morse Magazine: Morsum Magnificat here: